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Interested in Joining the WWU Cybersecurity Club?

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What are the requirements for club membership?

To join the Cybersecurity Club, you must be currently enrolled as a student at Western Washington University and agree to the club rules. You do not need to be part of the Cybersecurity or Computer Science departments and there is no class restriction — whether you are a freshman or post-graduate, you are welcome here.

What degree of cybersecurity proficiency is required for membership?

No prior cybersecurity experience or knowledge is required to join and we encourage you to consider involvement regardless of skill level. This club exists to serve as an opportunity for everyone to further their knowledge of security topics regardless of expertise. We do hold tryouts for limited-participant events (e.g. CCDC), however.

I have not involved myself in WWU extracurriculars before. How do I join?

We're humbled that you are considering our club. The process is simple:

The current meeting schedule is incompatible with my personal schedule. Can I still be involved in other ways?

Certainly — as students, we relate to the struggle of fitting other functions in around our class, work, and personal lives. While we prefer members attend as many meetings as they can, meeting attendance is not a strict requirement for membership. We hold various cybersecurity events throughout the quarter at times unrelated to the posted meeting schedule which you can still involve yourself in. Keep an eye on the club announcements in the Discord server (#announcements) to stay up to date with all events and meeting times.

Further, we poll students at the beginning of each academic quarter for the times they are available to determine which times work for the greatest number of those interested. Please be sure to respond to that poll when it is published in the Discord server.

What are the requirements for leadership role(s)?

Thanks for your interest – we can always use more help. Please PM an officer in the Discord server for more information.


Still interested? Great – we would love to have you on board! There is no "official" way by which membership is granted; simply participate by:

Then, you'll be considered a part of the club.